LaKo’s Lesson of the Month: Principles

Before there was Colin Kaepernick, there was Mahmoud Abdul Rauf of the NBA. Like Kaep, Rauf didn’t stand for the national anthem because he viewed the American flag as a symbol of oppression and tyranny. Rauf’s NBA career ended early because of this protest as it seems Kaep’s may as well. As of this writing, Kaep is still a free agent QB where lesser talented QBs have been signed. Unlike Kaep, Rauf did not get the public support that Kaep has gotten. During the NFL season, Kaep’s jersey was number one in sales and his teammates honored with the team’s most prestigious award. Not receiving support makes his decision even more heroic. Like Muhammad Ali, Rauf stood on his principles which have stood the test of time. His legacy can serve as inspiration for future Kaepernicks.

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf

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Nike just keeps doing it. This time with the hijab.

On International Women’s Day, Nike announced that it was developing a sports hijab, Nike Pro Hijab for Muslim women athletes that should be available in spring 2018. In last year’s Olympic Games, Ibtihaj Muhammad made headlines for being the first American to compete in a hijab and then the first to win a medal. Since the election of our 45th President, affectionately called Cheeto Satan and Marmalade Mussolini by some, attacks on women wearing the hijab has increased. So, this comes at a crucial time.


For those who don’t know, the hijab is worn by Muslim women as a part of Islamic practice to signify modesty and decency. Because of the requirement for modesty in dress, Muslim women athletes can’t exactly wear what most of us wear when we are working out at the gym. So, this is an important step for Muslim women to have access to top athletic gear. Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari is already wearing the Nike Pro Hijab. IMG_4442
I foresee non-Muslim women like runners who want to become more aerodynamic and unbothered with their hair wearing  the Nike Pro Hijab. This is a nice stride in normalizing the hijab in American culture and bringing it to the mainstream. I hope that the sports hijab becomes a fashion statement for all women athletes. The more that it is worn and seen can lead to fewer incidences of bullying and hate crimes against Muslim women and girls.

This isn’t the first time that Nike has taken the lead to fill a need. In 2015, Nike developed the LeBron Soldier 8 FLYEASE with Matthew Walzer who was physically unable to tie his shoes. This shoe allows him to wear his favorite basketball shoe and not have his parents tie his shoes or wear an unattractive shoe that focuses on the disability. For this and now the sports hijab, this Adidas girl really appreciates Nike who just keeps doing it.


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LaKo’s Lesson of the Month: March 2017

With March being Women’s History Month and since my daughter dressed as her for Black History Month at school, it is only fitting that the lesson for this month comes from Serena Williams. The Greatest of all Time!! And I will fight you if you bicker about that point. Kidding, sort of.  Serena reminds us to inspire and uplift each other. A point that shouldn’t be forgotten during these challenging times. Serena

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LaKo’s Lesson of the Month: February 2017

When you’re naturally gifted at something, you can easily fall into the trap of slacking off and taking that gift for granted. What I know to be undoubtedly true is that success comes from hard work. That should be comforting if you believe you don’t have any special gifts or talent. That’s not true by the way. So get out there and fulfill your dreams. 

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LaKo’s Lesson of the Month (1.17)

2017 is still in its infancy, so you have plenty of time to take your shot this year. Live a life with no regrets.

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LaKo’s Lesson of the Month (12/16)


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The DNC needed a Dak Prescott

dnc-dak-prescottOne of the bright spots of this NFL season has been Dallas Cowboys’ rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. Not only is he a good player, leading the Cowboys to an 8-1 season thus far, he’s just a likable guy. It has “it”. So much so that non-Cowboy fans like myself are jumping on the bandwagon. 

After having such an inspirational movement getting Barack Obama elected in 2008 and again in 2012, the DNC needed to have a “Dak Prescott” candidate. Someone that was relatively unknown yet more than capable of doing the job with some governmental experience and capable of inspiring the citizenry to come together for a common cause. That’s what Barack Obama did in 2008. Although he had some experience as a Senator, he wasn’t a lifelong politician with the baggage that accompanies. He was still considered an outsider.

What I’ve noticed on both sides of the aisle is that people want a cause they can get behind. They want to be inspired and feel like they are a part of something greater than themselves. That’s what our President-Elect did for a large portion of the country. It’s just unfortunate that he tapped into their pain without good intentions. 

hrc-to-dcBut, back to the DNC who ultimately ended up with Hillary Clinton as their presidential nominee. Even without the email troubles, she was a step backwards. It’s like the Dallas Cowboys putting Prescott, who is having a phenomenal season, on the bench because Tony Romo is ready to come back from his injury. Sure, Romo is a great player just as Hillary is more than qualified. But, it wouldn’t make sense to put Romo in the game when Dak is winning. 

The DNC tapped into a winning formula in 2008, but then lost sight of the bigger picture. Instead of adjusting that formula for needed improvements, they through it out the window and went back to the old ways to try to make history again. Since we had just elected the first African American president, it seems they just wanted to now elect the first woman president. On Tuesday of this week, Tony Romo held a press conference and graciously became the backup quarterback for Dak Prescott. That ‘s exactly what Hillary should have done two years ago.

Remember that play when Romo fumbled the snap for the three-point field goal attempt and the Cowboys were knocked out of the playoffs. That’s what Hillary’s loss feels like. Only this isn’t a game. Lives are at stake. So let’s hope the DNC gets with Keith Ellison to give us a Dak in the next election.

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