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Lessons from the world of sports that can be used in leadership and management positions.

Organizational Stability: a lesson from the Steelers

Since 1969 the Pittsburgh Steelers have had only three head coaches.In comparison, another historic franchise, the Oakland Raiders has had 14 head coaches during that same period. Continue reading

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When Less is More: reducing the work week cause it’s time

Forty hours a week just doesn’t work anymore. Full time should really be 30 hours a week. Continue reading

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Jerry’s ‘boys: Is low morale looming for Dallas?

So, Jerry will take a knee to be defiant because no billionaire, but, when it comes to standing or kneeling against police brutality, umm nevermind. Continue reading

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Nike just keeps doing it. This time with the hijab.

On International Women’s Day, Nike announced that it was developing a sports hijab, Nike Pro Hijab for Muslim women athletes that should be available in spring 2018. In last year’s Olympic Games, Ibtihaj Muhammad made headlines for being the first American to … Continue reading

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Leaders Take Care of Good Employees, Managers Don’t

“If a guy underperforms, you get rid of him. If a guy overperforms, you take care of  him.” – Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers I cannot agree more with this quote from Antonio Brown. When I was in management, … Continue reading

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On Any Given Sunday

The Broncos defeated the Panthers in what to me was an upset. While I’ve always been a fan of Peyton Manning going back to his days at Tennessee, I thought the Panthers had the momentum coming into this game. I, … Continue reading

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There’s A New Sheriff in Town

There have been quite a few head coach changes recently in college football. Mark Richt from Georgia went to Miami. Tony Hughes, coordinator for Mississippi State went to Jackson State University. Kirby Smart, coordinator for Alabama is going to Georgia. … Continue reading

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