LaKo’s Lesson of the Month: Just Start

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

This quote was shared with me because I was noticeably overwhelmed with the many things on my many to-do lists. Have you ever had so much to do that you end up doing nothing? Well, that was I. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Am I?

As stated by Arthur Ashe, three time grand slam champion, start where you are. Don’t wait to get everything in place before you begin. Just start already. Use what you have. You’re working on getting your body summer ready but are lacking the latest J’s or Yeezy’s? Use the sneakers you do have and start walking. Walk in your jeans or jorts if you have to. Do what you can. You may want to give back to your community but are temporarily experiencing a cash flow problem. Give the gift of time instead. Start by volunteering for one hour a month. Or, give money if you don’t have any time. Last year I started giving $10 a month to a different social justice organization. That’s just a couple of coffees from Starbucks. That’s not a lot, but the joy I get from contributing to causes I believe in is priceless.

What have you been waiting to do?


About LaKo

I'm a sports enthusiast who looks for lessons and analogies in sports and tries to apply those lessons to my personal and work life. In May 2013 I began my life as a runner with Black Girls Run!. Now, as a member of the Atlanta Track Club, I'm continuing my journey to preserve my sexy.
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