Running, my lover friend

You pick me up when I’m down
slowly easing the crown
back on my head
without you I’m surely living in dread
no other friend like you, my trailblazing truthLaKo Runs
that takes me back to my youth
when all things were possible
running free was the gospel
having fun was my only goal
I didn’t worry about my soul
unlike now, today
when all I can do is pray
for a speedy recovery
cause without you, life is drudgery
never again will you be taken for granted
Running, my dear lover friend, I’m so enchanted


About LaKo

I'm a sports enthusiast who looks for lessons and analogies in sports and tries to apply those lessons to my personal and work life. In May 2013 I began my life as a runner with Black Girls Run!. Now, as a member of the Atlanta Track Club, I'm continuing my journey to preserve my sexy.
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2 Responses to Running, my lover friend

  1. Tazar says:

    Love it! Run LaKo Run.

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